My album L.I.F.E. (Loyalty Is For Everything)Original Beats done by T.O.S KENNY ORIGINAL.. is an album of LIFE itself, it speaks about my life and the lives of others. When you hear the songs each one has a meaning to it, and comes with happiness, sadness and struggle that people go through everyday. my stories in my songs are unique and have a positive message to them. The L.I.F.E album  is for the whole world to undertsand my life and what others in my city and neighborhood go through everyday. LOYALTY IS FOR EVERYTHING! 2009

This is Variety The Analyzers' first album with Ruff & Tuff Records. The album is all about life and the ups and downs of inner city living and the people who live in cities all over the world. Everyone will relate somethng in their life with this album...2009 L.I.F.E