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 PUSH ON THE LINKS download MIXTAPES RIGHT HERE FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and EASY TO DOWNLOAD TO..........I love my family i am a family man but dont take my kindness for weakness....also i ..DVDS-PRODUCED-BEATS-PROMOTE-MUSIC-GRAPH PICS-LOGOS-ETC.>>>want to get on my mixtapes [MENATL ILLNESS]  im coming out with.... various artists just send me  friend request on facebook Variety Theanalyzer and inbox me about getting on my MENTAL ILLNESS MIXTAPES. this is something new i am doing for 2012  i use to do dvds THE ANALYZER DVD my last dvd is coming out feb.THE ANALYZER DVD more dvds I AM DOING MIXTAES NOWi basically do it all i also associate with alot of PEOPLES...#iamhiphopmusic